Solid Fuel refers to various types of solid material that can be used as fuel to produce energy and provide heating.

Using Solid Fuel to heat your home has never been so simple or convenient. Solid Fuel provides excellent value for money, with many appliances being multifuel, they enable you to burn housecoal, smokeless coal or wood fuels.

Solid Fuel is an efficient and protective method of heating your home throuhout the day. Rooms with Solid Fuel heating are better ventilated than those with other forms of heating; the use of a chimney will increase ventilation in a home drawing in fresh air and removing the 'dirty' air.


Types of Solid Fuel:

- Wood Logs

- Wood Chips

- Heat Logs

- Wood Briquettes

- Low Sulphur Coal

- Anpharicite

- Smokeless Briquettes

- Other smokeless fuels

Carbon Emissions

Wood fuel can be very near to being carbon neutral. It absorbs as much carbon dioxide in its growth as it releases when it is burnt.

Always use the type of fuel that is recommended for your appliance. Certain fuels are manufactured for open fires and others for closed appliances.

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