With the right maintenance and care, your wood or multi fuel stove can remain a centrepiece in your home.

In order for your stove to perform well throughout its life, it like anything else will need to be checked regularly.

The following parts of your stove should be checked at least annually to ensure you stove performs efficiently.

- Fire Grate

- Fire Bricks

- Stove Throat plate

- Ash Pan

- Stove Rope Seal

- Heat Resistant Glass

I offer my customers an annual maintenance service for a small fee to maintain and care for your stove.


- I will ensure that your grate is in good condition and that it riddles freely. If the grate is damaged or warped it can jam the riddling mechanism.

- If your stove has firebricks, I will check these. A damaged or missing brick can cause a cast iron stove to crack or a steel stove to warp.

- I will check the stove's ash pan for holes. Hot ash leaking from an ash pan can burn your carpet or wooden floor.

- I will confirm that the fire rope seals around the doors and glass of the stove are in good condition and replace badly frayed or missing fire rope.

- On a cast iron stove, I will test the seals between the side and top plates. If there are any gaps, this will be resealed with fire cement.

- I will examine the stoves finish, severe rusting can cause problems (especially cast iron). Any rust will be rubbed down with steel wool or a wire brush, dependant on the severity of the rust. Followed by a re-spray with a heat resistant paint or re-polish.

- Finally, I will check the glass for any damage and clean off black tar deposits with glass cleaner.

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