We offer a complete Chimney sweeping services and would recommend this to anyone with open fires, coal, gas, oil and wood burning heating systems. Sweeping the flue and having your fire / burner regularly checked reduces the risks of chimney fires and dangerous fumes entering the house due to a blockage.

The service includes...

- Inspecting the flue and chimney prior to cleaning

- We blank off the fireplace to ensure no debris escapes into the room.

- Sweeping the chimney from top to bottom with brushes and extension rods

- Removing the Soot and debris from the fireplace or appliance

- Using smoke pellet to show / investigate any problems

- Advising you about any problems or hazzards and also when you will need another sweep

When the chimney and flue are being inspected there may be problems that can be fixed such as pointing or mortar damage. Repairs can be made onsite at the same time as the sweep in most cases.

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